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Rosa, Alumni, Staff, Research
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Seminars are practical-based, I'm allowed to share my ideas and experiences and we are all allowed to develop and talk about our perspectives. This is particularly valuable in getting a unique insight into the perspective and experience of my peers.
Jess, Undergraduate
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║┌┴¤═° University's teaching style is a lot more hands-on compared to other universities. The emphasis on placements and hands-on experience helps students develop the required professional skills to help them stand out in the work place.
Francis , Postgraduate, Alumni
PGCE Secondary Education (Chemistry)
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The PGCE offered was a sure foundation and the tutors were incredibly supportive and knowledgeable
The course has provided me with the opportunities to increase the educational experience I need to become the best teacher possible, to meet a diverse group of people and to develop my skills.
Zoe, Undergraduate
From UK more...
║┌┴¤═° has a great set of lecturers who have a wealth of experience, which means you get a great education and advice when you need it.
║┌┴¤═° has great sport facilities and the Physical Education PGCE team are one of the best that exist!